Until now, I couldn't update it because of personal reasons.
As of March 12, 2023, we have updated most of our data to date.

  • From now on, data or resources on the site may be updated or missing late due to personal reasons.
    I will continue to update as much as possible.
  • For missing or incorrect information or bugs, please let me know by email on Introduce pages.
  • The JP server posted a warning notice about the leakage of undisclosed content.
    Unreleased events from JP servers are not displayed here.


It is a site that organizes data from Game Blue Archive.


This website is an informal fan site created by individuals unrelated to NEXON Games Co., Ltd., Yostar and NEXON KOREA Corp., and does not generate revenue.

Source of data

ㆍ몰?루 Image:

ㆍVarious in-game assets and game data: BlueArchive(NEXON Games Co., Ltd., Yostar and NEXON KOREA Corp.)

ㆍHalo Image: https://bluearchive.wikiru.jp/?HALO%E4%B8%80%E8%A6%A7

ㆍMemorial Resources: I've been recording, YouTube, community etc

The font used on the website: 경기천년제목(GyeonggiTitleM), Noto Sans Japanese